Sheki Branch was established in 2004. Branch Manager is Afer Mammadova.

The office of the Branch is located at:

International School # 8



There are Teacher Training and Young Learners Special Interest Groups in the Branch. The Teacher Training Group regularly organises workshops, training for the members. They often invite ELT specialists to give workshops.

Below is some details of the projects the Branch is involved in:

Workshop by Prof. Richard Orem

With the financial support of the US Embassy in Baku, AzETA organised workshop of Prof. Richard Orem in its branches on 11-16 November 2008. Prof. Orem of Northern Illinois University, US was invited to the AzETA 5th International ELT Conference held on 8-9 November 2008. On 14 November he visited Sheki and gave a workshop for its members. There were 15 members attending the workshop.

The main topic of the workshop was how to involve learners in assessing their learning. The participants were very active in the workshop. Prof. Orem was impressed with the high level of English and enthusiasm of the participants.

During his visit to Sheki Prof. Orem had a chance to visit historical places of the town and was impressed by the Medivial architecture, namely, by Khan’s Palace, Karvansaray, museums of Art and History.

Teacher Training

Teacher trainers from AzETA Head Office also visit Sheki Branch to train a group of teachers there. All


together 5 training sessions were organised in the school year of 2007-2008. Session 1 was organised on 27 October 2007, and session 2 on 1 March 2008.

At Session 1 held on 27 October 2007 the topic was: Using pictures for developing listening and speaking skills

At Session 2 held on 1 March the topic was: Many learning activities from a single short reading passage

The other sessions were held on: 26 April, 17 May and 22 June 2008. Teacher trainers from AzETA Head Office responsible fo the training sessions in Sheki Branch were: Khalida Rustamova, Ayna Sadiqova and Farida Huseynova.

Working with Young Learners

Young Learners SIG successfully implemented Student Government Association Project together with AzETA Baku Branch in 2005. The Group members often organise different events in the Branch office and in the schools they teach.

The Branch has been included in AzETA English Access Microscholarship Programme from December 2007. There are 18 students in Sheki EAMP 2007-2009 and 18 students in EAMP 2008-2010 groups. The classes are organised in AzETA Sheki Branch Office. The classes are taught by AzETA Sheki Branch members.

Sheki Branch Young Learners SIG has also joined another project of AzETA. With the financial support of the US Embassy, AzETA launched branches of Enjoy English Club in all its branches, including Sheki Branch in 2007. There are 20 students in each branch. The classes are taught by the teachers of the respective AzETA Branch. The Project is supported by the Ministry of Education, where the Education Departments of the respective regions have been instructed to provide support to the implementation of the Project.


Like other branches, AzETA Sheki Branch members also actively join AzETA study tours and share their knowledge and experience with others. Sheki Branch was the first to host the study tour of AzETA branches. It was organised on 15 October 2005. Apart from the AzETA members, Peace Corps Volunteers of the region were also actively involved in the study tour and contributed to the discussions of the action plans of the branches.

Sheki Branch grows as the number of members increases after each achievement.

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