AzETA Mingechevir Branch established in 2004 is located at:

AzETA Mingechevir Branch Office
School #13
Arash Street 4

The Manager of the Branch is Gulnaz Hajiyeva.


Branch members gather together a few times a week to discuss the plans of the Branch, AzETA forthcoming events, share views and concerns. The meetings are sometimes joined by Peace Corps Volunteer in the city. The members also share experiences through demonstrating short activities they use in their teaching. This way they empower and it helps for their professional development.

Apart from such meetings, the Branch is actively involved in the below AzETA projects.

Mingechevir Branch held its 1st Conference

On 26 March 2016 AzETA Mingechevir Branch held its 1st Conference at Secondary School #10 in Mingechevir.

75 teachers attended the conference. There were almost all subject teachers at the Conference. 16 of them made presentations on different topics related to new trends in learning and teaching process. Alongside with teachers from Minghechevir, the Conference brought together teachers from Baku, Barda, Ganja, Goranboy, Goygol, Sheki, Yevlakh. AzETA Executive Board was also represented at the Conference.

The Conference started with National Anthem.

The opening ceremony continued with welcoming notes of Mingechevir Branch ManagementTeam followed by presentation of Gulnaz Hajiyeva, Mingechevir Branch Manager on the Activities of the Branch in 2015-2016 academic year.

Ragsana Mammadova, AzETA Founder and President made opening remarks where she first requested the participants to commemorate Ahliman Huseynov, teacher of School #5 of Sabirabad, who sacrificed his life and died while saving his student in the Kur River on 6 December 2014 with one minute silence. She thanked Mingechevir Branch for their exemplary work and demonstrating a high level professionalism in going into every single detail for organizing this Conference. She also thanked all the participants to contribute to the Conference by different means and wished best of luck to the work of the Conference.

Mingechevir Executive Power and Education Department were also represented at the Conference. The representatives thanked AzETA for bringing teachers together and to give them an opportunity to share their knowledge, experiences, empower personally and professionally.

The plenary speaker of the Conference was Dr Erdem Soylemez, Education Expert of Turkey. His plenary talk topic was: “Wonder of Learning”. His plenary talk provided the participants with some skills on how to effectively manage teaching and learning process in 21st century.

Regional TV and newspaper journalists attended the Conference and interviewed some of the participants.

Visit to the Orphanage

AzETA teachers visited the orphanage in Mingachevir on 3rd January 2016 to celebrate Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis and New Year. Teachers took many presents, clothes and food for the children. There were 25 children in this orphanage with mental and physical problems. AzETA teachers helped the nurse-maids to lay the

table and feed the children. Children were very happy to spend time with the teachers. AzETA members sang songs with the children and played different games together.



NQT (New Qualified Teachers) Course

On 5-19 March, 2016 AzETA teachers  Khayala Guliyeva  and Gulnaz Hajiyeva held  NQT course for

 AzETA members in Mingechevir. About 18 teachers participated in 18 hours’ course. It was lasted 5 days and held at AzETA Office at School number 13.

The main topics were on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, how to develop lesson plans more creatively,  how to use visual aids in the classrooms, classroom management, listening steps, warm up activities and so on.

The participants were very active during the sessions. They learned how to write successful lesson plan, how to manage the classroom and give constructive feedback. At the last day they gave demo lessons and all these lessons were analyzed and were given feedback by the trainers.

After the course the teachers were given certificates.


Summer Camp

AzETA  Mingechevir Branch members held their next volunteer work on 10-14 June 2016. The active teachers organized AzETA non-residential summer camp for the children from different schools. 25 students joined the summer camp. The summer camp was organized under the title “Share and Care”.  The venue of the summer camp “ Elave Tehsil Merkezi”. On the last day of the summer camp there was a trip to the mountainous region of Azerbaijan, Oguz.

The aim of the summer camp was to give an opportunity to the children to show their abilities, to improve their leadership skills and be active in their community and at the same time to spend their summer holidays in effectively.  The advantage of this camp was that the children took responsibilities to manage the one day trip to Oguzh.

The first day AzETA Branch manager Gulnaz Hajiyeva made “ Summer camp rules” with the help of the children. Then she had different presentations full of activities. The lesson was about how to increase leadership skills among the students. Turn by turn Khayala Guliyeva  and Nabat Valiyeva gave presentations about different topics. Scavenger hunt was the most interesting for the children. The teachers had diverse lesson plans for 3 days.

This camp increased children’s outlook and management skills, and they made friends with the children of different schools. They enhanced their listening, communication and acting skills.



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