On 21 June 2015 AzETA held its 10th Regional Teachers’ Conference: “21st Century Education : Who is Who?” in Ismayilli. 81 teachers from different schools and universities of Azerbaijan attended the Conference. 25 of them gave presentations on different topics.


The plenary speaker of the Conference was

Dr Erdem Soylemez, Education Expert, Turkey. The title of his talk was: Teacher’s Role in Education”. Alongside with the plenary talk, he also gave workshop at the Conference. The title of his workshop was: “Teacher’s Body Language”.

The Conference had several outstanding features:
– It was the 10th regional conference in row.
– The Conference presented a book by Dr Erdem Soylemez titled: “Mother-Father-Child relations” published by Kovser printing house. This is a handbook for young parents which gives them some hints on how effectively to establish relations with their child who is a Z generation.
– 3 AzETA members: Elnara Ahmedova, Malahat Babayeva and Ulviyya Ismayilova were awarded with Honorary Membership because of their respect to the banner of Azerbaijan painted on the wall of a Martyr’s memorial garden.
– The closing of the Conference was unique, as it was also held in the open air with a very natural environment where all the participants were given certificates.